Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

  • Terms Of Services
    Meeraki Consultancy Services gives services to its customers which are reliable to the terms and conditions referenced here. For no situation will these terms and conditions be disregarded by both of the concerned parties. This underlines and clears all viewpoints which are required to accomplish a shared comprehension before entering an agreement.
  • Scope
    This covers the term and conditions which apply to every one of the services given by Meeraki Consultancy Services through its site www.meerakics.com/ or some other business or source claimed by Meeraki Consultancy Services.
  • Communication
    Meeraki Consultancy Services respects your feedback and proposals about how to improve our services and this site. By transmitting any recommendations, data, material, or other substance (by and large, "content accommodation") to Meeraki Consultancy Services, you consequently giveMeeraki Consultancy Services the eminence free, unending, permanent, non-restrictive right and permit to utilize, imitate, adjust, adjust, distribute, interpret, make subsidiary works from, circulate, redistribute, transmit, perform, and show such substance (in entire or part) worldwide as well as to fuse it in different works in any structure, media, or innovation currently known or later produced for the full term of any rights that may exist in such substance. Further, Meeraki Consultancy Services is allowed to utilize any thoughts, ideas, know-how, systems, and proposals contained in any interchanges you send to this site for any reason whatever, including yet not constrained to making and promoting items or potentially benefits utilizing such data.
  • Indemnification
    You consent to repay and hold harmless Meeraki Consultancy Services, its backups and members from any case, cost, cost, judgment or different misfortune identifying with your utilization of this site in any way, including without constraint of the previous, any move you make which is disregarding these Terms and Conditions and against any material law.
  • Service and Maintenance
    The organization holds the privilege to have your recently made plan on our servers for advancement and testing purposes.If the customers need to procure support service for the made substance, it must be achieved by enlisting our upkeep administrations. We will offer help for our completed plan until 15 days after the task has been conveyed.
  • Termination
    This terms and conditions strategy will become effective when a hopeful gets in touch with us. This understanding will naturally be disposed of upon the fulfillment of the undertaking. Despite what might be expected, this understanding can be dispensed with by any of the gatherings through common talk.The understanding will be viewed as legitimate if any residual installments are to be made for Meeraki Consultancy Services.
  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    These Terms and Conditions will be represented by and interpreted as per the laws of the Republic of India, without offering impact to its contention of laws arrangements. You concur that the proper court(s) in Punjab, India, will have the restrictive locale to determine all question emerging under these Terms and Conditions and you, therefore, agree to individual purview in such discussion. In the event that any provision(s) of this Terms and Conditions is held by a court of the skilled locale to be in opposition to law then such provision(s) will be separated from this Terms and Conditions and the other outstanding arrangements of this Terms and Conditions will stay in full power and impact.
  • Disclaimer of liability and Warranty
    Utilization of this site is completely at your very own hazard. Neither Meeraki Consultancy Services nor its subsidiaries are in charge of the results of dependence on any data contained in or submitted to the site, and the danger of damage from the prior rests totally with you. These materials are given "as may be" without guarantee of any sort, either express or inferred. Meeraki Consultancy Services will not be at risk for any immediate, uncommon, backhanded, accidental, significant, or reformatory harms, including without impediment, lost incomes or lost benefits, which may result from the utilization of, access to, or powerlessness to utilize these materials. By no means will the absolute obligation of Meeraki Consultancy Services to you surpass the cost paid for utilization of the site.

Privacy Policy

  • Use Of Information
    For the purpose behind the privacy, ‘Personal Information’ is any information which identifies with a person who might be distinguished from that information, or from a blend of a lot of information, and other data which is or might be in control of Meeraki Consultancy Services.To benefit certain visitors on our Websites, clients are required to give certain data to the registration procedure in particular: – a) your name, b) email address, c) sex, d) age, e) PIN code, and so on., and/or your occupation, interests, and so forth. The Information as provided by the clients empowers us to improve our sites and give you the most user-friendly experience. Data about your utilization of our site including unpretentious components of your visits, for example, pages saw and the assets that you get to. Such data consolidate traffic information, area information, and other correspondence information.
  • Use of Cookies
    To improve the responsiveness of the sites for our users, we may utilize cookies, or comparative electronic devices to gather data to allow every guest an exceptional, arbitrary number as a User Identification (User ID) to comprehend the client’s individual advantages utilizing the Identified Computer. Except if you deliberately recognize yourself (through enlistment, for instance), we will have no chance to get of knowing your identity, regardless of whether we allow a treat to your PC. A cookie can’t peruse information off your hard drive. Our publicists may likewise dole out their very own cookies to your program (on the off chance that you click on their advertisements), a procedure that we don’t control.We may put web cookies on a visitors PC/device; web cookies spare information about an individual visitor, for example, the association’s name, secret key, client name, screen inclinations, and the pages of an administration seen by the visitor. At the point when a visitor returns to our site, we may remember them by the web cookie and alter their experience appropriately. Visitors may decrease Internet Cookies, assuming any, by utilizing the proper element of their web customer programming/program, if accessible.
  • Use of Information Collected
    The information is accumulated under two phases by Meeraki Consultancy Services. The individual and contact information is asked by individuals reaching us by means of our “hire us” structure. This data is utilized to break down the interest of the prospect and to connect with them back. Upon the start of an undertaking, some other data in regards to the venture points of interest and installments are traded with the client. This data is never bestowed with any other person under any conditions. The data we accumulate is utilized solely to contact the customers and giving them a friendly and speedy administration.Meeraki Consultancy Services won’t share any individual’s Personal Information, or even total information on the visitor of our site, to outsiders, for example, showcasing firms without looking for earlier authorization from the concerned individual or people.
  • Compliance with Regulatory Authorities
    On the off chance that in any probability any lawful or government expert demands your data in any respect, we are liable to give such data to the concerned authority as indicated by law.
  • Right to Change the Policy
    Meeraki Consultancy Services Solutions may change the information security practices and update this protection explanation as and when the need emerges, and a similar will be made accessible on the site. In any case, our promise to secure the protection of site clients will keep on remaining.