Maintenance & Support

Server Troubleshooting


Problem solving whenever required is right a call away. From the time of design of the product to fixing bugs we are just a call away in bringing a resolution to your troubles with the software development. We responsibly correct any mistakes in execution of the product, if you can find one. Enhancement of fresh release features and migrations processes are undertaken as well. Constantly tracking an bug related fixes that are required are serviced promptly. Corporate and IT alignment and re-engineering are part of the program here at Meeraki Consulting Services. Any other queries brought to our support team will be enhanced and fixed respectively to our products.
Client Care and database management

Client Care

Focusing on our Client we emphasise on time to concentrate on their most crucial business functions. We focus in projecting scalable result with a side benefit of reduced downtime which allows Our Client to reduce cost on labour, Workload and control operating expenses. Sharing our vast experience to create our client’s future prospects, our goals are set to fulfil our client’s requirement and let them gain experience and expertise through resources on call. Our Client care also entails in enhancing productivity and maintain brand image. Servicing with advanced technologies giving Our Clients the edge of their competitors.