Manufacture & Retail

From manufacturing steel into hot rolled coils to a galvanised pipe manufacturing company managing its inventory to distribution is technical and time consuming hence automation solutions are utilised for duct operations to seamlessly conduct the process. Meeraki provides solutions to automate these processes whenever a manufacturing company comes to a halt due to technical flaw and weak software solutions.
Meeraki consulting services provide the best manufacturing software solutions with its state of the art Intelligent Technology working in correlation to integrated systems to perform a flawless production creating new and innovative possibilities for the company and its clients. A system solution to drive shopaholics with faster and time saving shopping experience. Revolutionising the shopping experience via web and mobile applications.

Automation Software Solutions

Through the power of social media marketing our automation software solutions draw potential customers via coded links to your brand. As a part of Meeraki’s Consulting Services and Solutions, our Brand Imaging solutions works hand in hand with automations piecing multiple benefits in one program and excelling towards growth for the company.

Our highly skilful developers provide the architecture for boosting sales and keeping your consumers satisfied with updates at their mobile application through push notifications. Our mobile software solutions manage the attributes of the user and analysis their shopping patterns on an encyclopaedic level allowing to determine and promote for up sales.

As of today the market is an online viral domain for easy access to research and shop with millions of online shoppers await for the best deals to showcase with our web based software solutions your company is provided with augmented reality digital marketing for a better tomorrow with a brand awareness installed in our solutions programs and instilled in the minds of your customers.

Retail System Solutions

Technological advancements occur almost daily with inventive ideas and faster means to acquire desired requirements and the customer is getting smarter along the way with media’s perfect timing of its adverts coaxing them to get with the trend. Our experts are aware of these attributes and have developed software solutions in keeping with the trend providing the retail space purchase management systems with technologies like NFC, wireless transactions or even cardless payments.

We provide the most secure point of sales system integration for the e-commerce space development. Sales effectively boosts up regardless to an on-site portal or online locations. Improve your customer’s engagement through augmented reality marketing solutions and effectively enhancing in-store experience for the walk-ins.

Our solutions have gone beyond in recreating clientele and setting a benchmark for future digital shopping experience. In utilisation of Big Data for analytical solutions get data and insights on clientele activity for simultaneous marketing strategy solutions to be applied like special deals, discounts, etc. a unified dashboard to toggle freely between products and deliver a user interface oriented design.