Management Solutions

The travel and tourism industry has adapted to user experience programs providing solutions to be customer centric and easy to use, Meeraki provides solutions with the same notion to captivate customer’s interest as they plan their travel, we also ensure that the company gels into the same vibe as a customer yearns to operate with ease.
As the pioneers in venturing into the digital space marketing concepts our solutions help the travel industry to be up front with advanced digital marketing with our smart operating and advanced intelligent tools and software solutions. Our team of experts develop the solutions for precise and effective management software’s undertaking systems that manage reservations and other bookings for a variety of travel arrangements.
Tenuous travel portal solutions and use of Big Data Analytics guide the user with in-depth knowledge to plan their travel and boost company’s productivity with user traffic to their products and services. Smart booking engines help analyse holiday packages, lodging and travel solutions. Integrating AI with payment gateways, sales record and traffic analysis increase labour downtime and increment in profitability.
Management Solutions For travel and tourism


A satisfied customer will always return to their satisfying establisher, a satisfied customer is certain with the best hospitality provision and treatment. The hospitality industry is a delicate and aspiring industry looking into customer’s experience and satisfaction with Meeraki’s software solutions hospitality becomes a satisfied with the added advantages of building new revenue streams whilst the existing concepts to operate efficiently.
Hospitality services in hotels and resorts wherever the accommodation is concerned rely on solutions to undertake tasks to ensure the customer is always satisfied and hence Meeraki introduces its management applications to provide supreme services to the hospitality industry.
Focusing and dealing with customer’s management solutions gives the edge over competitors in this vast and everyday improving industry. We provide solutions accustomed and specially catered to the customer’s experience in the field of accommodation matter.
Hospitality Management

Customer Management Solutions

Millions of potential customers varying from business to pleasure accommodations constantly browse through websites on desktops, laptops or even on their mobiles in search of the best product and to resolve their instant queries Meeraki provides solutions with automation like Chatbots to resolve and acquire potential clients.
Our solutions help sidestep major risks for the benefit and intensive care for patients in medical practice. Provision of accelerated information reaching all departments of the hospital levels, circulation of patient information becomes a time saving solution reducing costs to the organisation and speeding up processes. Our solutions offer rapid perspective in increasing number of patients served per day.
Developing software solutions to categorically engage customers even when they are travelling and on the go. Our solutions engage clientele with marketing management software on mobile and web to intimate customers about special events and offers building revenue system streams along with the way and surge phenomenal operation efficiency.
Customer Management Solutions

Service Management Solutions

Right from the first step of walking-in to your business reservation panels to the essential step of checking out we provide solutions with tools enabling front office management, back office technicalities, IT solutions, reservations and sales points, reservation portals and many more. Inclusions of smart technology in hotels and resorts enables in maintaining customer privacy and safety.
Engaging guests with trending and recent technology showcases dynamics of the industry’s adaptability to serve better and with innovative approach. Our solutions provide IOT software solutions to keep your company right up there with the best of the best minimising the competition to a fewer number.
IOT enables smart room concepts and smart shuttling capabilities to allow privileged access its customers providing them a unique experience, thusly acquiring a satisfied user. Services that include loyalty programs and benefits help the company to sustain and retain customers for a profitable business, our solutions provide these solutions seamlessly to tackle online booking, vacation rental programs. Our solutions enable the user to also delve into property sales for single or even multi-property
Service Management Solutions