Healthcare and Fitness

The industry of healthcare is a highly sensitive and critical care organisation which requires constant vigilance to avoid mishaps without leaving any room for error. Our best software development solutions rise to such an occasion with its iron clad technology such as artificial intelligence, deep neural learning, machine learning, Internet of things ensuring patients around the world to set foot in hospitals without a care in the world and leave with an experience of satisfaction.

At Meeraki consulting software development solutions, we toil twice as hard than your average joe in the business of developing software solutions to deliver a customer satisfaction and maintain a 100% customer satisfaction record proving time and time again by providing assistance to healthcare companies to catalogue and establish their operational procedures to be compliant to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) criteria.

Patient Experience Solutions

Knowledge is power and with the power provided by our software development solutions to gain access to patient’s health records and history to be viewed for necessary treatment is embedded right into the program. For uninterrupted service we have integrated the web’s utility obtaining offline information with internet behaviour converting the web activity to be operated with one fluid motion to monitor and improve their health accordingly.

Patient portal solutions provide the apt information documented and prescribed by their respective medical staff to ascertain medication, treatment procedures conducted, etc of the patients helping them attain the best medical assistance they deserve. Zero chance of human error with lab testing results to be accurate with our AI technology used to serve impeccable results for a decisive conclusion. Prompt reminders and alert modules help patients get engaged in understanding the necessary development steps to further taken and implemented.

Management Solutions

A controlled and mobile Centre providing task management to be more agile and operated on the go for instant report updates by physicians and doctors. We provide a controlled Centre portable with mobile application solutions to bring medical staff and hospital equipment’s together to work in synchronised fashion and carry out operations smoothly.

Managing tasks becomes easier than it ever was with our management software solutions and increases care and leveraging income scope with supreme healthcare practices enabled to be conducted seamlessly. Our solutions provide online consultation as with our other programs we provide real time employee tracking to showcase transparency.

Electronic Medical Records Software

Our smart software solution manages records and data for better research and analytical study assisting the medical organisations to improve diagnosis and help treat their patients with up to date accurate information.

Our solutions help sidestep major risks for the benefit and intensive care for patients in medical practice. Provision of accelerated information reaching all departments of the hospital levels, circulation of patient information becomes a time saving solution reducing costs to the organisation and speeding up processes. Our solutions offer rapid perspective in increasing number of patients served per day.

Analysis & Admin Solutions

Providing real time communication and being able to view analytics and reporting. From managing surgeons, doctors, nurses and other medical staff to managing pricing and commissions are provided in our healthcare business solutions.

We have not skimped before and shan’t skimp now hence we waste not our smart technologies which are at our disposal your company’s growth and seamless client or here the patient experience. Data Collection as set primarily with Big Data being a part of our prime technological solution for Patient and Employee evaluation.