We have managed to develop solutions to take this advancement and make it futuristic by providing automation and artificial intelligence along with Block chain based solutions. Our software solutions work parallel with the banking and financial institution providing you with technologies unparalleled to any other software solutions in the field of financial technologies servicing you with advanced intelligence, neural learning and next generation solutions.

Our solutions provide you with cryptocurrency software development solutions with various banking solutions like mobile banking, web banking, mobile wallets and insurance management portals to hoist your company above all competing financial technological servicing companies. End to End solutions to Credit Processing Solutions right from the basics of Net Banking Portal solutions.

Net Banking Solutions

Securing every banking activity is mandatory, Meeraki Consulting Services provides solutions not only with the basic of a secure portal but with a cosmopolitan touch to drive the corporate banking sectors to indulge and find the highly secure solutions to be the right and best choice.

Our solutions work effectively supporting a well-developed work space as instils teamwork building exercises bringing finance executives together to provide each other with efficiency and required technological support. Security and compliance banking applications with performance oriented architecture enables your user to obtain access to their respective account through intelligently developed and advanced portals of net banking.

A robust and safer customer engagement with the user experience thought set in motion transferring money between banking accounts have never been so easy and user friendly with utmost safety.

Mobile Banking Solutions

A source code embedded with imaginative and intelligent software solutions provides the user to have a utility with a taste of freedom across multiple mobile operating platforms. From iOS, Android and other platforms where mobility is concerned our technology of mobile designing software application solutions showcase UI and UX centric operatives.

A dependability of its financial management through these handheld devices makes it easier to have the accessibility on the go and with its finance management software included in the mobile banking solutions ensure clarity between the organisation and the user. We provide solutions which enhances Business to Customer interactivity boosting Lead Management simultaneously.

Our AI and automation with Block Chain Ledgers held build smart contracts and a transparent record and provide essential services for Lead Management. Track records maintained timely and systematically help providing reports for incidental insurances and filing claims.

Management Solutions

A well-equipped team to deliver managerial results requires a system to efficiently run its operations. Meeraki Consulting Services provide a management system which engages its customer to have a one of a kind experience with your financial institution and build a rapport for long term clientele relationship.

Our solutions provide a system in managing Insurance Management portals to develop a software which is simplified and yet ahead of its time eliminating errors and data corrections offering a well analysed insurance plans. We provide our solutions with technologies such as Enterprise Application Integration to perform operations with ease and a better experience in internal or external operations.

Big Data used to collect and manage your data for streamlined efficiency allowing the user for taking decisive actions and rendering a supportive assistance to its user.

Microsoft CRM 365

Every industry thrives on its customer and the relationship between the company and its customers. Enveloping a vista of management routines needs an organised solution to maintain a consistent high standard repertoire.

Meeraki Consulting Service Solutions strengthens such requirement in developing a software to deliver services in managing customer data, clientele information, vendor support, employee relationships, partner relationships, etc.

An accessibility across multiple device platforms be it an iOS device or android device, CRM solutions is provided with the use of Office Client applications like, WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, ONENOTE even on the go. Allows corporate dates and conversations to seamlessly managed with utility provided under Outlook and Exchange applications. Staying up to date and organised with important calendared dates, meetings, seesawing conversations and business transactions.

A close up attention to detail support with the touch of human nature managing customer relationship by setting up audio call meetings and phone system solutions with voice programs like Audio calls & Microsoft Teams. Our solutions help manage files and content via OneDrive for business, Microsoft Stream and Sway for Office 365. Solutions such as a Credential Guard and Direct Access11 helps identify and manage crucial information.

Being the best development software solutions in the market we ensure the safety and provide secure solutions with Microsoft CRM 365 via advanced Microsoft Threat Analytics and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to keep the company’s data intact and well-guarded.