Meeraki provides Online E-learning solutions, Institute Management software and solutions, Handheld Device Learning or Mobile Learning Applications. These virtual learning solutions are efficient to its supreme nature ensuring and maintaining the interactive experience for learners around the world.

Interactive Experience is after all another word for a better user experience for the education industry. Upgrading your Brand Value for an Academic Experience unparalleled through intelligent mobile solutions provided by us helps your company to stay advanced as technology progresses and keeps altering the educational sector’s learning modules.

Online Solutions E-Learning Applications

Meeraki’s online solutions is safer, user-friendlier, visually appealing and is better than any other interactive solutions in the learning space. Along with all that, we provide you revolutionary solutions with the most advanced technology to give your industry the cutting edge solutions for every single individual’s experience with the use of remote learning.

Our products being SCORM/AICC Compliant your clients will always have a classroom even in their cosy and safe homes. Our E-learning solutions make distance learning programs feel like a favourite TV-series episode being played on your devices.

Institute Management Software

To have a developed and a methodical workflow to handle management skill, an Institute might have to employ an army of skilled managers and staff to run a flawless operation. Meeraki Consulting Solutions offers solutions which outlines the core undertakings of an Institute and streamlined them into a solution proficiently to manage Curriculum for students, managing track records of their attendance and not just the students but even for the faculties and staff.

We provide solutions for managing payroll and enables multiple departments to be managed with our genius innovative web applications. Providing a colossal academic experience with our simple yet genius institute management software.

Handheld Device learning Mobile Learning Applications

Mobility has transcended into everyday exercise and we provide a harmonious mobility for learning on the go with our Mobile Learning applications for iOS devices, Android mobile devices, etc. Our software developers have introduced mobile applications that allows to maintain track records of academic assignments, catering to management of fees.

Allowing multiple use for managing users, managing tutors, trainers and students. Applications allows to obtain detailed reports and tracking the progress on the go. Gaining access to multiple interactive sessions with live tutorials and webinars. Providing a massive digital library to run through for personal benefits right at your fingertips. Our application helps the company to reach a wider audience and attain a wide spread for sales and distribution.

Tracking Progress

A quality assured process driven application that allows you to track progress with a system that is so easy to use, professors and teachers can sit back and relax to watch their students excel in the world of academy. Monitory their growth in each assessment conducted through applications online assessment programs and trackers.

As addictive as the mobile devices have become, teachers of all learning spectrum can take pride in their student’s addiction and attention to learning apps as we provide an out of the box learning experience with an interactive user interface keeping the user glued to their devices. Our software serves as the best Campus Management System developed and perfected to a top notch quality with an ease of use approach.