13 Key Website Design and Development Areas to Bring in Business

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13 Key Website Design and Development Areas to Bring in Business

  • June 16, 2021
  • Meerakics

We are living in the 21st century. That is why we need to go with innovation. In this context, websites are becoming crucial for us. Likewise, during this pandemic, our dependency on websites increased at a rapid pace.

It is becoming quite important for the business to invest their time and efforts on their websites. The more they work on their website, the more they can attract the users to their sites and ultimately make sales.

My friend started a website a few years ago. Although he is a digital marketer, he knows how to bring traffic to his website. He was getting a massive amount of traffic from different mediums such as Google search, social media etc. But he was not making enough sales. So what do you think? What would be the reason behind his failure? However, he is a good digital marketer. So let me tell you the exact reason behind his failure.

He was not paying attention to his website design and development. Ya, I know most of you also don't pay enough attention to every single detail of the website. But do you know that if you have an easy to use and most appealing website? Then you would get better rankings ad score in PPC and also generate more sales.

Let's find out what are the key areas you should keep in mind to improve your website.


When I analyzed my friend's website, I found that he was using the same stock images as other websites were using at that moment. Therefore the first thing I did was to change the stock images with the original ones. Yup, hiring a photographer is always expensive for him and you also.

As an alternative to this, you should hire a graphic designer who can design vectors from scratch. Thus he hired our company to offer website design & development services. Apart from the imaginary, our company also suggested to him the colours and other design elements.


The other issue I found on his website was that he was not updating the content regularly. Do you know that almost 25% of users are less likely to interact with your site if it has outdated content? So I suggest he update the content of his site. But wait, what do you think about content?

Do you think that content is just about text? No, content is more than text; everything on your website is content, i.e. text, images, video and audio. If you don't update the content, the users would think you don't offer the best services. That is why our company updated the entire content of the website and made the content fresh.


My friend was also struggling to manage the users to stay on his website. Then I found another issue, i.e. he was missing the blog section. Blogging is always important to share your business expertise with your potent customers. Thus as a . We integrate the custom blog section on his website.

Apart from that, we also write and publish the weekly blog post on his website. You may be thinking that my friend is a digital marketer and why he was not using the blog section. Let me know that most digital marketers still think that there is no use of blogs on service-related websites. It is just a myth!!!

Accessibility & Responsiveness

When I was auditing, I found that his website has accessibility and responsiveness issues. Likewise, I used different browsers and devices to test the accessibility of the site. I also use different operating systems for the same.

Apart from that, I also test that the site complies with the government standards. As a leading , we are familiar with the government standards for websites. Therefore we work on the accessibility issue of his website and fix the issue to be accessible on mobile devices, computers and tablets.

We make sure that the text should be readable for the users. Apart from that, we make the site responsive for almost every device and screen sizes. Because of our team's collective efforts, we end up with a highly responsive website. We also make sure that the users can access the website even on a slow network.

Content Management System

My friend is one of those who think that services based don't require a content management system. Maybe you are thinking the same, but it is not true. CMS plays an important role in almost every website. We are the best web design and development company. And we know the importance of CMS.

That is why we integrate it on my friend's website. If you are a complete beginner to web designing and development, CMS is a lifesaver. As I have mentioned earlier, we have integrated a blog on my friend's website. For this, we use WordPress. The most popular CMS for blog posts.

Calls to Action

I was shocked when I found that his website is not a proper call to action. Ya, he is a digital marketer and aware of the importance of CTA. But he was not as good as placing the CTA on the right spot of his website. Our best web design and development company helped him to place the CTA.

We also suggest to him what would be the best CTAs for his website. These can allow the visitor to take quick action on this website. You can place any CTA on your website as per your convenience, such as Learn more, Send me info, Download your guide, Signup, Book Now etc.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Yup, he integrates a CRM on his website that allows him to collect the users' information. He was using a free and less effective CRM. But our company provides him with a custom CRM for his website that allows him to collect custom data of the users.

Now he can collect the data from custom forms, offers and other methods. Now he is using the CRM for making a more effective digital marketing campaign for his website. It would help if you also integrated CRM on your website to nurture every lead that you generate.

Let's Wrap Up

Now you have seen some of the major website design and development areas to bring in business. Of course, most of the blogs will cover the digital marketing part tool in it. But do you think it is feasible to mention it here? Of Course not because here we should talk about website designing, not about SEO and all.

Yup, but you should make your website SEO friendly and cover some of the technical aspects of SEO on your website. Apart from that, it would be best if you integrated social sharing on your website. That's it for this blog post, and maybe it will help you to make your business website more appealing and future-ready for your customers.

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