In an industry prone to time consumption and expense centric with a back lag of weather conditions & logistic safety are a concern, Meeraki Consulting Services have developed a solution to override these mishaps.

We provide the best software development software to improve acceleration, security and dependable technologies. Our technical expertise guiding you along the journey help balance the logistic with a bump-free ride. Tracking and monitoring logistic movements help gain precautionary measures in possible malfunction with our services of IoT in addition to Big Data to ascertain valuable insights and demographics.

A vista of systems and programs concerning logistics management, transportation management with the use of Big Data, Data-Centred logistics and supply chain and On-Demand Taxi Apps provide the company with surplus sustenance to carry out all operations seamlessly in the industry of Transport.

Logistics Management System

Meeraki Consulting Services looked deeper into details where other consulting companies fail to even realise about the existence. We provide solutions with the latest and trending technologies sourced from Internet of Things to manage fleet in real time. A smartly developed custom IoT solutions build a scalable supply chain for a streamline activity automatically benefiting the company in cost reduction and time efficiency.

Our best software solution guides you to collaborate multiple logistics partners onto one common platform to be managed benefiting complexity reductions. Our technology codifies smart warehousing and cargo management solutions for a better transport management optimising processes on stock management, picking and auditing. We provide Vehicular Tracking and Route Generation for a safe and secure road mapping plan.

Transportation Management

For Transport Industry, the art of creating result is the management undertaken for transportation of goods from warehouse to client destination. Meeraki services with a logistics software development system to securely advise, track and manage Fleet in real time. Advising solutions through the software system for timely tracking and suggestive alerts to the transporter with secure instructive commands on routes, vehicular performance and diagnosis, fuel consumption, real time global positioning systems for vehicle tracking.

We use smart intelligence and have added Big Data Technology to collect sensor data. Our services include cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence Dashboard for seamless and smart solutions. Our Machine Learning software solutions are also used to collect sensor data expanding a wider space for safer transportation and branches out opportunities for self-piloting vehicles around the world.

Data Centred Logistic and Supply Chain

Meeraki with its wide range of Intelligent software line up such as Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning Technologies, Deep Neural Learning solutions collect sensor data as in this industry Data is an integral cog in the clockwork of logistics. An unmatched solution for a smoother and streamlined process.

We provide you with the best and big ideas hence we include a Big Dashboard too which is user experience centric to be customised for logistics software solutions. Our AI and Machine Learning solutions work strategically and collect valuable sensor data lowering client difficulties and cost to the company.

On-Demand Taxi Applications

Transport is an industry and if the business is operating one Cab services company well we have developed solutions for On-Demand Taxi Applications. More than 65% of everyday commuters choose a cab service to get them to their desired destination, handling and managing an application which monitors time of arrival to the time of departure or pick up and till the arrival at the destination requires a considerable amount of software and intelligent system.

Meeraki has accomplished this task with ease by our developers with their mobile applications solutions to Lower client difficulties and expenses. Providing destination information and directional assistance solutions for navigation. We also provide runtime travel arrangement solutions for mobile applications which run can serviceable applications.